Stidner Complete Terms of Service - October 2016

Stidner Complete AB ( 559065-9537), “Stidner”, offers a checkout system, “Stidner Complete”. By using any of Stidner’s services, you agree to Stidner’s terms given in this document, including any other agreements set forth. By entering or requesting any information from Stidner, you are agreeing to our processing of your personal data, including the ability for us to transfer data to third-parties and/or for handling outside of the EU/EEA.

Charges, fees

Stidner does not directly apply any fees or charges to the end-user; it costs nothing to use Stidner Complete. However, certain payment providers offered by Stidner may apply their own fees, respective to their own agreements. Stidner Complete will display before the purchase is complete if the chosen payment method will incur any fees.

Assurance, abuse

You affirm that any information you provide is accurate and yours, and there is nothing hindering you from entering into an agreement by yourself. Any entry or use of data that is not yours will be assessed by Stidner as abusive. All information relating to any suspected abuse of Stidner’s service may be stored and used for future risk assessments.

Personal Data

To provide the best service and to prevent abuse, Stidner and its partners may handle personally identifying information to safely identify you. Such information typically includes, but not limited to: contact information (name, email, telephone number, postal address), technical information (IP address, language settings, etc), and your national identification number.

Under Swedish law, you are entitled once a year to submit a written request to see which data we have concerning you. This request should be sent with registered mail to: STIDNER COMPLETE AB, NOHABGATAN 18A, SE-46153 TROLLHÄTTAN. General questions regarding our privacy policy may be obtained by emailing with the subject “Dataskydd”.

Complaints, disputes

Upon completion of an order on Stidner Complete, the store owner (“merchant”) has agreed to ship out the items purchased in a timely matter. Any issues relating to order fulfillment should be attempted between the end-customer and the merchant. If the end-customer has not been able to resolve the issue with the merchant, they are welcome to explain the situation via email to

Changes, other terms

Stidner reserves the right to change their terms at any time. Always read through the terms before each purchase. Additionally, read through and understand the terms and any costs of the payment method you use to complete your purchase on Stidner. If any condition in these terms are found as unenforceable under Swedish law, this shall not affect any other section of these terms.

Limitation of liability

In addition to the terms given, Stidner is not liable for any damages directly or indirectly caused by the use of Stidner Complete.


The right to use Stidner’s service persists until either party terminates it. Termination is effective immediately, but does not affect any terms and obligations relating to your completed purchases.

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